Alexander James. Born in 1993, James lives and works in London where he studied at Camberwell School of Arts receiving a BA in illustration where he focused mainly on moving image and painting.

Since leaving Camberwell James’ work has been exhibited in London, Paris, Berlin and he will exhibit work for the first time in New York later this year.

As a child, he was guided by his grandfather’s documentary skills and insistence on watching black and white Native American films. This inspired James’ earlier video experimentations leading to a later decision to include himself as the main subject of his work.

James’ is principally identified as a painter, although his work has evolved beyond paint and illustration, occasionally using film, projection techniques and collaging.

James’ work revolves around and questions his own experiences, stemming from early childhood and throughout his career as an artist. Children tend to romanticize even the most brutal elements of adult life. This tendency to romanticize lapses as we enter the next stage and adult life rears its ugly truths and presents its harsh realities and challenges. This is juxtaposed with popular Western culture that feeds into the belief that anything is possible, regardless of circumstance- “The American Dream” ideology.

The use of primary colors is often apparent in James’ work as they are pushed upon us during formative years. However, he wanted to push the boundaries further by experimenting and utilizing a collection of found objects to symbolize particular visual markers and sub-conscious memories of my younger self; aiming to explore the transition between adolescence and adulthood and ultimately, the unforgiving reality of the world laid bare.