FEATURED ARTIST Alexander Babinskiy

At some point in my life I felt that the most important thing a person could have is freedom.

Alexander Babinskiy enjoyed art history in his younger years but chose a different path professionally. Several years’ of hard work under the guidance of prominent Moscow masters resulted in Babinskiy’s amassed recognition.

His craftsmanship in abstract expressionism soon earned the praise of colleagues from the Creative Union of Artists of the Russian Federation. Alexander Babinskiy enthusiastically works with different techniques, preferring acrylic abstractions and non-figurative plasticization via a combination of oil and cold wax medium.

He almost always opts for a conscious violation of any balance on the canvas. It catches the eye and makes the viewer dive into a complex game of layers and sizes, multiplied by rather striking and challenging color combinations. Fellow critics note a spontaneous, yet confident play with color in his paintings, as well as a mature balance between form with philosophical and emotional implications. No matter how sporadic the abstractness of his paintings might be, it’s impossible to find a single superfluous stroke.

Babinskiy’s paintings can be found in a number of private collections in Russia, Europe, and the U.S.