“Borders frequented by trade seldom need soldiers”

– Dr. William Schurz

An American trade scholar, Dr. William Schurz, once coined the phrase “Borders frequented by trade seldom need soldiers.” His words reflect the potency of intercultural communication in fostering transnational relationships. However, ties forged by commerce alone can disappear overnight.

This exhibition celebrates the unique ability of art to transcend man-made barriers and to build shared cultural heritage.

Curated as part of Zilliard Capital Partners’ philanthropic initiative, Art Without Borders aims to foster collaboration between and recognition of international emerging artists irrespective of background, gender, race or social status. The inaugural two-week exhibition in London’s Mayfair offers a platform for dialog and discussion of contemporary art and culture that we hope will become an ongoing conversation.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and lecture series as much as we have enjoyed curating this special event.

Yours faithfully,

Zilliard Capital Partners

Art Without Borders is made possible by Zilliard Art Foundation.

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Seven selected artists from six countries and three continents make up the inaugural selected group of exhibitors. Artists’ ages spanning 24 to 55, over half of which are women, all educated at the world’s leading schools.

This group of fine artists has one thing in common – they are emerging contemporaries who share our values and belief in the power of art to convey emotions and understanding regardless of background or social status.

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